Rosie awarded Morris Wayman prize by Massey College!

Congratulations Rosie!  Massey College awarded Rosemary Martin the Morris Wayman prize, “in recognition of outstanding efforts to better build understanding of her field of interest at Massey College.”   Rosie has been an outstanding science communicator and has shared her enthusiasm for the field of ecology and evolution at Massey and beyond.  Well done Rosie!

Congratulations Zara!

Zara Ahmed, who is currently completing a 481 project in the lab, has received funding from the Office of the Dean through the UTM Undergraduate Research Grants to pursue research in the lab this summer.  Congratulations Zara!

Mike Benard seminar

We had a great visit from Mike Benard ( who came up from Case Western Reserve University to give a departmental seminar.  It was great to see the really interesting work he’s been doing at the ESGR and in and around Cleveland and talk about winter ecology, climate change, and ponds.  Thanks for visiting Mike!

Dachin’s first thesis chapter accepted for publication!

Congratulations Dachin and Jy!  Dachin Frances and Jy Yang Moon have had a paper accepted at the Canadian Journal of Zoology.  This paper Effects of environmental warming during early life-history on libellulid odonates (Francis, Moon, & McCauley) provides new insights into the effects climate change may have on odonates during this sensitive life-history period.  This is Dachin’s first paper from her thesis and also presents data from Jy’s ROP project.  Nice work!